• 2018

      Awarded the "2018 China community service provider, customer satisfaction model enterprise top fifty"

      "2018 China's community service providers have the top ten capital markets."

      "2018 china blue chip property enterprises"

      "2018 China's property services specialization operation leading brand enterprises"

      "2018 China property services 100 enterprises TOP16" honor

    • 2017

      Awarded the "new three board outstanding real estate service providers in 2017"

      "2017 top 100 property services companies in China"

      "2017 property service leading enterprises with Chinese characteristics"

      "2017 China's property services specialization operation leading brand enterprises"

      "2017 China real estate BRIC award 2017 best property services company"

      "2017 china blue chip property enterprises"

    • 2016

      New three boards officially listed

      In January 2016, Tianjiao love life became the first new three board listed property company in Chongqing.

    • 2015

      Introduction of strategic partners China national future Holdings Limited

      Setting up Tianjiao love life group

    • 2014

      Building strategic positioning of integration of Commerce, housing and production

      From shopping center, office building to housing, science and Technology Park

      Gradually forming a holographic service system covering "commercial and residential production"

    • 2009

      In the evaluation of the national user committee of China Quality Association

      Residential users' satisfaction with high score: Chongqing's first nationwide second

    • 2008

      The first CCTV Spring Festival Gala was successfully held by the owners.

      Open the curtain of traditional community cultural activities

    • 1999

      Tianxin property is officially established.

      Tianjiao love life group was formerly known as "Tianxin" property.

      In 1999, we began to plough Bashan and Chongqing water in Chongqing.